iAlugen Esteem (Medical device)

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Medical device

Building upon its expertise in dermatology and hyaluronic acid-based treatments, Laboratoires Genevrier is a longstanding partner in the aesthetic medicine market, bringing you a new range of BDDE-crosslinked hyaluronic acid injectables.

Integrating the new “Highly Micronized Density” (H.M.D.) technology, the iALUGEN® ESTEEM hyaluronic acid range offers comfortable injection and durability(1). Formulated with 0.3% lidocaine, the iALUGEN® ESTEEM line ensures increased comfort for your patients, during and after injection(2).

(1) Global satisfaction study performed on 48 patients
(2) Clinical evaluation iALUGEN ESTEEM – Technical file ed.2015 – November 2015

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